Hearth Magazine is about telling peoples stories. We look for beautiful things in life and bring it to you in the pages of our magazine. We starter a Kickstarter Project to raise funds for Volume 2. Our Project ends on August 7th so please visit our project page and pledge towards this wonderful project!

Hearth Magazine is a place where stories are told.

Our quarterly format allows us to showcase brilliant artists, writers and photographers in a highly creative way. Printed on thick paper with a perfect bound spine, Hearth Magazine isn’t your typical monthly offering.

Our quarterly collection of stories is designed to show you the beautiful things around us. With thoughtful essays, artisan studies, photo and travel essays, and recipes,Hearth Magazine’s appeal reaches broadly to many different people.

Since we started our online journal and Instagram feed in February, we’ve already met so many amazing people. What appeals to people is our simple design and stunning content. Our website and magazine aren’t cluttered with ads. Instead, the ads are specifically placed to help our readers find other businesses that share the same ideals.

This magazine is a life long dream for us but we need some help to keep it going.

We’ve had to rely on the generosity of artists, photographers, models, and writers to help us continue to bring Hearth Magazine to you. Our contributors deserve to be compensated for their amazing work and that is one of our goals for this campaign. Part of the money we raise in this campaign will support artists from all over the world and allow them to share their talents with us.

So why are we doing this project? When you look at our online journal and our print issue, what you see is beautiful pictures and words, laid out on clean, white pages. We are passionate about this project and have been the driving force for every single aspect of it. Although it’s a labor of love for us, we need some help.

One of the major reasons for this campaign is to raise the much needed funds to keepHearth Magazine going. So far, this project has been funded exclusively by us. There was no money from wealthy relatives or loans from our local bank. We used our savings to fund the summer issue and that money has run out.

We believe in Hearth Magazine and what it stands for.

We love being able to share the stories of people who make this world amazing. In a world filled with negative news and tragic events, it’s easy to find something to bring you down. We hope that when you open a copy of Hearth Magazine, you find beautiful pictures and inspiring words that will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face.

One of the biggest challenges we have faced already and will continue to face is raising enough capital to keep Hearth Magazine free of distracting ads every other page. We want to continue to be able to share the stories of amazing people all over the world. We have been blessed to work with so many amazing writers and photographers already and we want to be able to continue to showcase their work.

We believe in paying it forward and helping people reach their goals of having their work published. One thing we’ve struggled with is the inability we’ve had to pay our contributors. We believe that artists need to be paid for their art. We’ve been fortunate to have so many people that have donated their time and talents to make us successful so far. Our goal is to be able to pay them for their art.

Hearth Magazine has a staff of two, completely dedicated people in charge of making sure that everything is taken care of. Its a lot of work and means that it might take us some time to finish everything, but it will get done. Our life savings is tied up in this project. Making it successful isn’t a hobby, its our only job.

Please take a minute to stop by our Kickstarter project and make our dream a reality.

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