Advertise with Hearth

At Hearth Magazine, our passion is telling stories. As Hearth continues to grow, we look forward to the new relationships we will build with our contributors and our advertisers. Our advertising philosophy is simple – we only want the best companies that embody similar goals that we have here at Hearth. Let us show you how advertising with Hearth can help your business grow.


Hearth Magazine isn’t like your typical glossy monthly with pages and pages of ads. We value our advertising partners and want to give them the best exposure we can but at the same time, not sacrifice the lovely and compelling content you’ve come to expect from us. While advertising is limited, it’s by no means small. We have several different advertising packages for every budget and comfort level. We are committed to telling our partners stories through the advertisements on the blog. It’s more than just writing a check for a banner on the blog. It’s about sharing what makes you special in a way that is unique to Hearth.

If you would like to find out more information or would like a copy of our Media Kit please contact us