Hearth Volume 5 | Coffee on the Mountain

Editors Note:
Oh Volume 5, how I hated you while we tried to get the bugs fixed and the issue in print. There were so many problems with this issue, right from the start. It almost did us in, to be honest. But now, months after its release, I can look back and focus on the art in those textured pages. All kidding aside, Volume 5 is lovely. The theme for this issue was Adventure and the many ways people seek out adventurous experiences. We introduced you to Chad Parkinson, a very cool furniture maker from Utah. The photos were by the amazing Chelsea Scanlan. We became familiar with the hashtag #lumbersexy and it definitely fits Chad. He sees making custom furniture from a piece of ordinary wood as an adventure.

We featured two Hearth Gatherings in this issue as well, both of them adventures in their own right. The Hearth Gatherings in Tulsa, Oklahoma and San Juan Capistrano were both so beautiful and such a fun reminder of what makes Hearth so special. It’s not about the number of magazines we print but the people that support us and that we support. We believe in paying it forward as often as possible and gathering together with other creative people to share support. This Hearth community we are building is pretty amazing and it’s just getting started.



Coffee On The Mountain | Photo Essay
Words by Gray Gill & Photos by Wildwood


A new season is upon us: evenings are now as black as your favorite dark roast, we order less and less iced coffee and we ward off the chilly mornings by huddling around a steaming mug. This fall – and imminent winter – let’s all agree to fall in love with coffee, in its purest form. If you’ve never tried brewing coffee pour over style or with a French press, go for it. Its fun and you won’t believe how much flavor it adds to the coffee. Or go to a local coffee shop (don’t go to the drive-thru!) and have your friendly neighborhood barista make you the perfect cup of coffee. Invite a friend you haven’t seen in a while and catch up over dessert and coffee.

Perhaps, one morning you can convince yourself to wake up a tad earlier than usual. Bypass the Keurig, don’t leave room for syrups or creamer – this morning you’re taking your coffee with a dash of crisp autumn air. Throw a pack over your shoulders and go on a hike.

For some, myself included, climbing out of a warm bed on a cool autumn morning is more daunting than climbing a mountain. I wasn’t much of an early riser until I found out how much beauty there is to witness in the first hour of daylight. I discovered that it’s perfectly fine to hop back in bed once said beauty has been witnessed and appreciated.

Besides, apart from the few unpleasant shivers between your pajamas and the day’s outfit, you can still be cozy despite not being underneath your down comforter. Dressing appropriately is crucial for avoiding crankiness and enjoying your morning hike, but don’t reach for the ultra-light, moisture-wicking, spandex space age wear. Go for something that feels more like a blanket with sleeves and buttons.

No, not a Snuggie – try a Buffalo plaid flannel on for size. Rather than dusting off your cross-country running shoes, reach for a pair of sturdy hiking boots. On your way out the door, don’t forget to grab a knit cap, to keep your ears warm and, also, to hide the fact that you haven’t washed your hair. The ideal look you’re trying to achieve here is ‘1950s Cabelas catalog.’ You can also look Yukon Cornelius from the classic claymation ‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’ for inspiration.

Once you’re dressed and out the door, don’t set out for Everest. Pick a route that requires no climbing harnesses. The only equipment you’ll need is a well insulated thermos, a coffee bean grinder, a French press, and a camera if you want to take some photos to prove you were able to wake up so early. Do pick a trail, however, with sufficient elevation that can reward your effort with impressive scenery. Let the view take your breath away, rather than the hike to get there.

Once you’ve reached that point where you have a perfect panoramic view, have a seat, and bask in the sun rising ever higher. Produce your trusty thermos from your pack, brew a cup and savor every sip. Let your favorite roast wash away any remaining grogginess as you embrace a new day and a new season.


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