The Rex Apothecary

The Rex Apothecary


There is no shortage of amazing creative people in Portland, Oregon. It’s no wonder that Rex Apothecary founder Jovie Belisle answered the sirens call and migrated to this creative mecca. She felt like she was neglecting her creative side and it was time to change that. Jovie graduated with a degree in biology but soon realized that wasn’t what she wanted. Her journey into herbal body products and plant medicinal products was a slow process and but took off after finding a recipe for a homemade deodorant using only natural products.

“I was blown away how well the deodorant worked,” Jovie said. “I had experience with herbs and realized how much power herbs have to heal. I perfected the way to mix my creativity with my science nerdiness.”

dry_shampoo_dark_hair_light_hair_straight_1024x1024In 2011 she started selling her products on Etsy. Every detail was taken into account to make sure that everything was organic, vegan and eco-friendly, from the ingredients down to the packaging. She said she tried finding empty plastic tubes for her products initially. But after realizing the tubes would be thrown away, she decided to stick with metal tins that can be reused for other purposes after they are done.

Jovie’s line of products is broad and she is always looking for new ways to incorporate herbs into daily life. The most popular product she sells is the deodorant but other items like the Hard Working Skin Salve, Herbal Salve and pomade are just a few customer favorites.

“Most of the items are multi-purpose,” she said. “We get so used to people telling us to use a product only one way but most products are multi-dimensional. Mine definitely are.”

The full line of products is available on Jovie’s website and in shops in Oregon, Washington, Canada, and New Mexico. She is also hitting the road in September to sell her herbal remedies on the road in some pop up shops across the western United States. She is in the final days of her Indiegogo campaign, which lasts until Friday, August 29 at midnight and she is close to hitting her goal. Her plan is to start her trip in the Pacific Northwest and move around the region for a month or two.

Every part of her business is deeply personal to Jovie. From top to bottom, everything is handled by her. She designed the labels, makes the products and even the name is special to her. The name Rex Apothecary is an ode to her dog King (Rex is Latin for king) and the throwback to a simpler time.


“I chose this name because I wanted it to mean something,” she said. “The idea of an apothecary makes most people relate to a simpler time. With technology, we’ve really lost that face to face contact in the healing process.”

Be sure to follow Rex Apothcary on Instagram (therexapothecary) to see where Jovie will be next in her popup shop trek. She is giving away a few favorites like her detox skin polish, summer mist, hibiscus summer herbal tea, and summer soap featuring oats, calendula and mint. Its your opportunity to snag a few pieces of summer before its over. Check out Hearth’s Instagram feed for details on how to enter.

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