A day in Old Town Albuquerque

By Jasmine Pulley

Hailing from a big city in the Midwest, I will be honest, the charm of the southwest evaded me for my first year or so in New Mexico. But surely enough, I’ve started to fall in love with this place.

Old Town is a small district of the city and the architecture dates back to the Spanish colonization of the region in the 1700s. For Albuquerque natives, it is widely considered a tourist trap. I thought the same thing having visited on many occasions, but this time was different. Bringing my camera there for me, intending to view it for the first time through new eyes, I was surprised by what I saw.

I came on an early Sunday morning where churchgoers were actually attending the morning mass at the cathedral on the square rather than passing by hurriedly. A few locals were having coffee at one of the number of quaint cafes in and throughout. The shops were slowly waking up for the day and I noticed the various owners stopping to greet one another, and realized, this place really has a life of it’s own.

From the little French creperie, to the Navajo Natives selling jewelry on the sidewalks, you realize quite quickly that each nook and cranny of this locale has something new to offer, and it is in fact, unlike any other place.

Jasmine Pulley is a photographer living in Albuquerque, NM with her husband. She loves a good story, seeing new places, and discovering the art of home-making.

  • Prince Snow Farm - I think I could be very happy here popping into all of the unique shops. I also noticed the BLUE everywhere. It is so soothing and welcoming!ReplyCancel

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